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Don’t let borders restrict events

We’re multi-everything, so you can build your business wherever you want.

Your passport to reach more customers in more countries around the world

Enable multiple languages, currencies and local payment providers to attract business internationally. Give your customers convenience and confidence with a shopping experience that’s customised to their own preferences.

Multi Currency

Reduce the challenge of managing payments around the world. It’s simple - your customers buy with their preferred currency and we take care of the rest. Enable a variety of currencies for smooth international transactions, with the same security and control.

Multi payment gateway

Accept payments globally using your customers’ preferred payment gateway. Offer secure, convenient, and buyer-centric solutions like Apple, Google and Samsung pay. We’ll never touch the funds so you can encourage a seamless checkout experience, at no cost to you.

Multi language

Cater for your global audience by localising all of your content, from listing to checkout. Easily add languages you’d like to support to instantly provide translations of your event website. From language to language we’ll give your users the same easy-to-understand interface experience.

Multi sales tax

Handle complex financial calculations and tax reports the easy way. Ensure 100% compliance with the latest legislation on every item that you sell. Maintain digital tax records, report on your invoices, and automate the delivery of comprehensive sales tax receipts to your customers.

Multi event sales

Forget multiple passwords and repeating entry forms. Your customers can shop online and securely check out multiple tickets, for different events, in one basket. Hassle-free checkout for your customers means an increase in conversions and a boost in sales. Win-win.

Multi channel

Sell in more places than ever! Multiple channel sales allow you to be there at every step of the purchasing journey. Sell from your website, onsite using our box office app and anywhere in between. A single dashboard lets you manage all of your orders efficiently so that you can bridge the gap between online and offline sales.

Take the first step towards exceptional event management

Try Ticket Souq today and start your journey towards flawless event management

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